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British Marine launches UK Marine Industry Technology and Innovation Road Map

Identifying the opportunities, challenges and innovation priorities for the less than 24 metres (<24m) recreational and commercial craft sector

Today (18-April) at London Luxury Afloat, St Katharine Docks, British Marine officially released the new UK Marine Industry Technology and Innovation Road Map.

The launch marks the final step in the mapping project, which started pre-covid, aimed at providing industry and other stakeholders with a single validated source of information on the key opportunities, challenges and innovation priorities within the <24m UK recreational and commercial craft sectors.

“To ensure the longevity and success of the sector it is important that the industry has a plan and strategy for the future with the ability to identify challenges and the support needed to address these challenges”, commented Lesley Robinson, CEO, British Marine. “We have worked closely with the industry over the past few years, to develop the Road Map which we hope will stimulate companies to look at the future holds and how best to shape their long-term strategy”, Lesley added.

Working with craft manufacturers, designers and the equipment and materials supply chains, the project focused on four main elements of activity in the sector - Customer Expectations, Design of vessels and components, Manufacturing of vessels and components, and End of Life vessels. Each of the four elements looked at the technology requirements, opportunities available in the area, the barriers to achievement and the overall vision.

Following the initial survey, the results formed the basis for discussions at a workshop held at the British Marine Annual Conference in March 2022, which was followed by a final electronic survey in late 2022, posing the same questions as set out in the workshop.

Pulling together the results from each phase of the mapping process and looking across the four elements, several areas were identified that needed to be addressed.

  • To meet the desired vision, the environment was identified as key to the future success of the sector

  • The sector will need to embrace innovation in order to support the sectors environmental vision

  • With all innovation, comes opportunity and businesses in the sector will be required to embrace new markets and the innovation opportunities

  • As with all change, there will be barriers that will need overcoming. The sector identified the need to change and seek ways to work through the external and internal barriers standing in the way of success

“The results of the mapping project provide us with an invaluable information and insight that we can use to help us highlight the needs and requirements of the industry when in discussion with government”, Lesley explained. “It demonstrates what can be achieved in the sector with the right funding and support and allows us to address the issues and look at ways to achieve the vision of the future.”


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