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Beneteau Flyer

Stand Number: L04

Product Name: Beneteau Flyer

Description: The Flyer line opens up a world of unashamed instinctive pleasure. Set off on a day trip whenever you feel like it, make your dreams of quick getaways in wide open spaces come true, share quality time with the family or friends, switch from enjoying sport to lazing in the sun. In a nutshell, the Flyer means freedom.


The Flyer line was designed to make all your trips and ideas a reality.

A fishing trip with a friend on a beautiful sunny winter’s day, a wakeboard challenge on a fine spring day, a tasty bite to eat on a quick stopover in an inaccessible creek that only you know about, or hours in the sun far from the hustle and bustle of the coast.

Your Flyer will fulfil all your desires, whatever you feel like doing on the day. Its engines will satisfy your desire for boundless trips and your dreams of speed. It is such a joy to put to sea on a boat designed for multiple purposes. 


Bold features come into their own on the Flyer line. Every model looks elegant and sporty. The boat’s eye-catching lines promise some cherished heartwarming moments.

You will love every aspect of the Flyer and so will your guests. There is a SUNdeck version for sunbathing or a SPACEdeck version with 2 comfortable saloons for sharing the experience with friends. Each detail counts and makes a difference: stylish or traditional upholstery, cockpit bench converting to a sunbathing area, optional fishing station, additional seats in the freeboards. This modularity has built the reputation of the Flyer line.

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